Friday, January 6, 2012

the year that was ...

After all these years which passed I have always been thinking,
to write about past years happenings and post it on the very first day of New Year.
I dint know what stopped me? Whether I was too lazy or was I too busy in
following up with my freshly made resolutions or something really eventful dint
happen ?
Anyhow...just a sec.. ah got it.! Year 2011 was almost filled with the Anna
news update every month. After the Anna up rise I guess it was all about
corruption and constitution that every Indian was taking about. It was indeed inspiring
how Mr. Anna Hazare brought a revolution amongst the masses and made them aware
of whatever wrong is happening in the country. His fasts urged people to wake
up and get aware of what has been happening all these years. If in case it
would not have happened imagine how government would continue to exploit us for
the coming years and we won’t even come to know! And not to forget the continuous
blabbering sessions of parliament house on “LOKPAL” being called jokepal, brokepal
and what not. I still wonder what possibly could stop them to pass the bill ?continuous
threats from civil society, hunger strikes by the poor old man ,food inflation,
the list is endless. I fail to understand what is the government waiting for.?
I salute to the continuous efforts done by Mr Hazare and his team for passing
the Lokpal bill and making the government do the required. All hopes are now
pinned on Mr. Anna for making our country a corruption free and a developing
nation. Every youth has found an icon inside them Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and Mr.
Anna Hazare and so did i.
Kolaveri – not to be missed. I wonder this song was such a
big thing! I would like to tell how it happened to me. One day when I wanted to
search something on Google, I don’t know what happened but the words on my
keyboard felt like they were slipping away into each other. I was talking on
the phone too, and I happen to write “KOLA-“, just because of the
Google-THE-genius , how it guesses beforehand whatever we want to search , it
showed me an option of KOLAVERI –DI on the first. I clicked and I saw the
video. I was taken by surprise , the views of the video exceeded a crore
already . Next morning, I saw it making the headlines and the rest is history..
you know! I somehow too liked the song-u because-u of the word-u it used-u.! No
matter whatever sense it makes it indeed is fun to listen to it.
2012, might be the last year for us to live , but as of now
live happily ,give your best shot in everything you do .I have learnt to be
optimistic and I still hope that our country will soon get rid of the
corruption ,bad politics and blame game of the government. Till the keep humming,
because your heart wants to be happy, so keep it that way!
Happy new year – but remember after today it won’t be new,
it may not be happy but it will last a year!