Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Grow up and move on !

There is an old saying : Love teaches you many ways to live.
Last week I saw the movie "raanjhanaa" and was taken back by a surprise. You never expect in Bollywood movies to touch the bitter realities of life.They are all made to please the public, and people want to see what actually doesn't hold any importance or not even practical in daily life.The Karan Johar" typical formula works quite well here , because it is all so fancy in those movies. Rarely you come across such stuff. Raanjhana was one of this.
The entire story which weaves around the immortal love of a street boy for a girl of his dreams. At one point of time I actually thought these stories never existed. But when I have gone through one experience myself, I can say, yes it is true. There are these road side romeos or the dreamy eyed boy of your class who can turn into a obsessed lover before you could actually figure out.
Some guy might fall for you , and it will be quite difficult for you to find out , what actually made him do so ? just when you thought you are ugly looking , and better - be -geek, you found an admirer!!.We girls, are not really aware of how much efforts go behind all this. But to admit it , yes it feels good. After all, who doesn't want attention during school days.
But what happens when life moves on? what happens if that school love of yours transforms into a life long wretched journey of loneliness in hope of getting your love one day. Will it be worth it ?
Damaging your lives , spending your days remembering this one person will not make you happy. Life is short to love and be loved. I have always felt that it is important to be with the person who loves you , rather than being with whom you love. Realize, plan, and seize the days of your life.
it isn't a rehearsal. it is soon going to end before you could actually sense its importance.

Love is a good thing , but it isn't worth dying for.