Saturday, December 29, 2012

For the women,By the women,Of the women

There is a special reason,why I write this post on this fateful day ,29 december 2012.
Yes, the braveheart (the victim) of a brutal gangrape is no more between us. She has left an indelible mark on our lives and each one of us has connected to her in some or the other way . In some cases we have even pledged to change the society. But my question is what if this happens again? Why do we always need a spank to get upright and behave in an utmost right manner.
Why do we wait ? why do we wait for things to happen and then rise from our bedlams to hold candlelight marches on India gate. I believe if we correct our measures and approach towards women, then certainly things will change and then any other girl will not be required to teach society(us) a lesson.
Yes,today is a lesson learnt by all of us. No matter what happens ,we will stand by what we preach and also show zero tolerance towards  attrocoties ON women  in India.Today , is the day ,when we need to learn and move on with an optimistic approach. Obviously things wont take a bitter turn if they aren’t allowed to do so. Its a BLACK SATURDAY when we all stand united for justice to the brave girl.
But i have a question that will all of us try and not make that happen again ? will all of us join hands for the other rape victims who have been suffering since so many years and still long for justice. My fight is on . are you on board??
P.s  : Increase in crime rates against women are on a spree, please spare me if my views become too much involved in that and write on social causes . After all thats what LIFE is. We need to bring change and NOW IS THE TIME .!
WRITE in to for your suggestions to the commission which has been set up by the government to look into this matter of brutal gangrape in the capital.
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