Friday, March 30, 2012

put end to the DRAMA !!

I have had enough!!!.. enough of work, enough of sleep, enough of outside junk food and possibly everything i could ever think of.
past week was so full of all types of dramatic people around my class people i have varities of people , people who work , people  who dont, people who want to but dont bother at times and then there is special category : people who do work but they dont know why are they doing it. okay , so if any one of my classmates read this ,i have something to say to tell them .. - I KNOW RIGHT !!
at my place : my flatmates, daily chores began with some sort of a drama , but intensity varies  which is directly proportional to their moods. the more happier they are , the more drama they will certainly create.
DRAMA - over not loosing  weight.
DRAMA -over not getting to go back home.
DRAMA -over too many assignments to be done on the weekend ( which possibly is almost  every weekend)
DRAMA- over bad dinner coming from college.
DRAMA- over house maid , ( who according to them is a big pain in their ass.)
i also accept that out of all these DRAMAS i mentioned i too create  few  of them quite often. :P. but sometimes i think , is there any need to crib about , thing you cant change, things you dont have any control over, things which matter the least ( for some cases,  like --well of course you can lose weight if you want to). above all life is itself a drama, drama scripted by almighty and we are the puppets who are controlled by him. We dont really have a big say in his doings and should accept whatever comes your way.! I never support the fact that we should not  aim for a better tomorrow but i also never oppose the fact that  it is all written , you never know what might come your way the very next minute.! as of now.. i leave it to you,  you can still carry on the drama in  your life and enjoy...
thats it..!

Later ..:)