Wednesday, February 29, 2012

it is february 29th. i cant believe , that i wont be able to write on this date , atleast for four years from now on. i remember in 6th grade, i asked my geography teacher , why only february has 29 days and why not an other month ?. i can still recall the reaction i saw on her face , seeming clueless about the fact and the question she never expected . believe me, she was unpreturbed for next 10 seconds. after a long hault she said : she would answer my question tomorrow in the class. and as i expected she never did turn up. she never even gave me the opportunity to put any questions in near fututre too. now,i am in 3rd year of my college and enjoying life as it comes. and still clueless and i still have no answer to my if anyone down there knows the answer please write to me............. , i still am inquisitive about it.
february 29th is an amzing date. it is the date which can be blamed for always and waited and cherished on the other hand too.! BLAMED : for reasons like , omg! we dont have 30th this month. ! we need to finish up projects too soon, knowing of the fact that it is just a matter of 24 hours ! CHERISHED-for people whose,birthday falls on such a and so person will always wait for D-day to come and celebrate it grandly. although ,i am thankful to god that i was not born on that day because neither i can stand waiting for my birthday to come after four years and nor the awful date !
for people out there ,whose birthday falls on 29th feb, i have all the sympathy for you guys and besides that i wish you too for the day.29th is special day for any year and should be enjjoyed to the fullest....
happy one extra day - day of 2012 !!!!