Monday, May 20, 2013

Call me a - TEXTILE DESIGNER ! now

NIFT journey comes to end !!
yes, it has been a long, interesting, tiring,way too stressful at times, fun filled  years of being a student at NIFT. the very fist day when i stepped in , i was too terified  to look at some very talented people around me. of course, i was at a new place and it had some surprises. but today , when i look back. these four years have been worthwhile. I had encounters with some of the most amazingly creative, artsy, funny, hardworking, group of people. it has taught me very important lessons in life which i cease to forget. years went by but the memories stay for eternity. there had been times when i felt like leaving this place and moving into isolation, but then there were times when i die to come back and be a part of NIFT family altogether again !

I shall treasure memories , experiences and  learnings given to me by this place for lifetime .

19th may 2013- "Tantu" Graduating show (textile design)
20th may-2013- CONVOCATION day

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