Saturday, December 29, 2012

For the women,By the women,Of the women

There is a special reason,why I write this post on this fateful day ,29 december 2012.
Yes, the braveheart (the victim) of a brutal gangrape is no more between us. She has left an indelible mark on our lives and each one of us has connected to her in some or the other way . In some cases we have even pledged to change the society. But my question is what if this happens again? Why do we always need a spank to get upright and behave in an utmost right manner.
Why do we wait ? why do we wait for things to happen and then rise from our bedlams to hold candlelight marches on India gate. I believe if we correct our measures and approach towards women, then certainly things will change and then any other girl will not be required to teach society(us) a lesson.
Yes,today is a lesson learnt by all of us. No matter what happens ,we will stand by what we preach and also show zero tolerance towards  attrocoties ON women  in India.Today , is the day ,when we need to learn and move on with an optimistic approach. Obviously things wont take a bitter turn if they aren’t allowed to do so. Its a BLACK SATURDAY when we all stand united for justice to the brave girl.
But i have a question that will all of us try and not make that happen again ? will all of us join hands for the other rape victims who have been suffering since so many years and still long for justice. My fight is on . are you on board??
P.s  : Increase in crime rates against women are on a spree, please spare me if my views become too much involved in that and write on social causes . After all thats what LIFE is. We need to bring change and NOW IS THE TIME .!
WRITE in to for your suggestions to the commission which has been set up by the government to look into this matter of brutal gangrape in the capital.
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bon voyage

Travelling has always been my favourite and lately it has been a long time since i last made any trip . The last trip was made to Chanderi (Madhya Pradesh).
It goes without saying that India has scenic places which are yet to be discovered and explored,no doubt Madhya pradesh has been promoting its state tourism through Incredible India channels, it is  terrific actually
.It was my deep desire to visit chanderi and meet weavers of the town who were involved in this occupation since ages.  The beauty of the sarees these weavers weave is parallel to the exquisite beauty found in that place.
Okay ,apart from all that surprised me on that visit , I always wanted to share what all goes through my brain whenever i sit in a train,wait on the platform,catch a flight etc;
it is indeed surprising how i think about different things at the same time.
I would like to share somethiing which came through my mind after i saw fortune teller machines installed  on the platforms, I also read about them recently.
There are row of bizarre looking machines with flasing red and yellow lights inside them(enough to attract any person let alone ANY child). they also show you your weight for one rupee and tell your fortune as well.they work like this : leave aside your baggage and stand on the place provided  facing the lights which flash in kaleidoscopic manner.
you need to indert one rupee coin and the the machine starts working.
lights flash like crazy and the machine goes tick tock  and then there is a loud noise when it comes out with stiff chit of cardboard generally yellow in colour(sometimes light pink).the lights and noise calm down . on this chit will be written your weight and your fortune.
two kinds of people use this machine : the children of the rich ;or the fully grown adults of the poorer class,who remain all their lives children ;)
PICTURE (above): the beautiful town of chanderi (about which i will specially write in details ,because i do not want to miss a single point ) besides me.:)
 My every journey made me think somethings which  otherwise,would never even come in rarest of my  dreams. There were any others too which i might have forgotten,once i am reminded of them, i will definitely come back and write up about them too !:)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Few lessons learnt

whenever you embark upon a new journey , many things follow which includes excitement . people who care for you will always want you to be safe. friends will ask you to go places and enjoy to the summit. when i was about to leave my home , there were some lessons given by my mom, which obviously helped me to sail through many difficult situations.this time arouns, i feel it is time to ponder over those lessons and a revision is must.

i read an articlefew days back in some magazine which reflected  somewhat similiar views to what i was old few years back.

1.  outside world is mean. and it is ought to be like that.
2. be true to yourself. while you're at it, stop being an ass to yourself. you are doing the best yo can , too.
3. Right now, you believe  you are the better than anyone else  around you, soon you will realise what you are but that should not fear you innate awesomness.
4. you will have classmates who study ferociously and give themselves diarrohea pior to examinations,you  will also have classmates  who settle their chins comfortably on their text books and talk about their family members who had love marriages.
everyone will tell you to hangout with loosie squad, but hangout with storytellers instead, because at this tender age  you should not be influenced by people who invite diarrohea prior to exams.
5.some distinguished men  will follow you, call you names and grab you in public because..... i am not really sure why . when this happens do not allow other people to blame this kind of behaviour on your clothing. your language or for the fact that you have a uterus.
and many more ...
even though there were times when i could not go home and i missed it badly but these lessons always helped me to go through difficult situations. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

put end to the DRAMA !!

I have had enough!!!.. enough of work, enough of sleep, enough of outside junk food and possibly everything i could ever think of.
past week was so full of all types of dramatic people around my class people i have varities of people , people who work , people  who dont, people who want to but dont bother at times and then there is special category : people who do work but they dont know why are they doing it. okay , so if any one of my classmates read this ,i have something to say to tell them .. - I KNOW RIGHT !!
at my place : my flatmates, daily chores began with some sort of a drama , but intensity varies  which is directly proportional to their moods. the more happier they are , the more drama they will certainly create.
DRAMA - over not loosing  weight.
DRAMA -over not getting to go back home.
DRAMA -over too many assignments to be done on the weekend ( which possibly is almost  every weekend)
DRAMA- over bad dinner coming from college.
DRAMA- over house maid , ( who according to them is a big pain in their ass.)
i also accept that out of all these DRAMAS i mentioned i too create  few  of them quite often. :P. but sometimes i think , is there any need to crib about , thing you cant change, things you dont have any control over, things which matter the least ( for some cases,  like --well of course you can lose weight if you want to). above all life is itself a drama, drama scripted by almighty and we are the puppets who are controlled by him. We dont really have a big say in his doings and should accept whatever comes your way.! I never support the fact that we should not  aim for a better tomorrow but i also never oppose the fact that  it is all written , you never know what might come your way the very next minute.! as of now.. i leave it to you,  you can still carry on the drama in  your life and enjoy...
thats it..!

Later ..:)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

it is february 29th. i cant believe , that i wont be able to write on this date , atleast for four years from now on. i remember in 6th grade, i asked my geography teacher , why only february has 29 days and why not an other month ?. i can still recall the reaction i saw on her face , seeming clueless about the fact and the question she never expected . believe me, she was unpreturbed for next 10 seconds. after a long hault she said : she would answer my question tomorrow in the class. and as i expected she never did turn up. she never even gave me the opportunity to put any questions in near fututre too. now,i am in 3rd year of my college and enjoying life as it comes. and still clueless and i still have no answer to my if anyone down there knows the answer please write to me............. , i still am inquisitive about it.
february 29th is an amzing date. it is the date which can be blamed for always and waited and cherished on the other hand too.! BLAMED : for reasons like , omg! we dont have 30th this month. ! we need to finish up projects too soon, knowing of the fact that it is just a matter of 24 hours ! CHERISHED-for people whose,birthday falls on such a and so person will always wait for D-day to come and celebrate it grandly. although ,i am thankful to god that i was not born on that day because neither i can stand waiting for my birthday to come after four years and nor the awful date !
for people out there ,whose birthday falls on 29th feb, i have all the sympathy for you guys and besides that i wish you too for the day.29th is special day for any year and should be enjjoyed to the fullest....
happy one extra day - day of 2012 !!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

the year that was ...

After all these years which passed I have always been thinking,
to write about past years happenings and post it on the very first day of New Year.
I dint know what stopped me? Whether I was too lazy or was I too busy in
following up with my freshly made resolutions or something really eventful dint
happen ?
Anyhow...just a sec.. ah got it.! Year 2011 was almost filled with the Anna
news update every month. After the Anna up rise I guess it was all about
corruption and constitution that every Indian was taking about. It was indeed inspiring
how Mr. Anna Hazare brought a revolution amongst the masses and made them aware
of whatever wrong is happening in the country. His fasts urged people to wake
up and get aware of what has been happening all these years. If in case it
would not have happened imagine how government would continue to exploit us for
the coming years and we won’t even come to know! And not to forget the continuous
blabbering sessions of parliament house on “LOKPAL” being called jokepal, brokepal
and what not. I still wonder what possibly could stop them to pass the bill ?continuous
threats from civil society, hunger strikes by the poor old man ,food inflation,
the list is endless. I fail to understand what is the government waiting for.?
I salute to the continuous efforts done by Mr Hazare and his team for passing
the Lokpal bill and making the government do the required. All hopes are now
pinned on Mr. Anna for making our country a corruption free and a developing
nation. Every youth has found an icon inside them Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and Mr.
Anna Hazare and so did i.
Kolaveri – not to be missed. I wonder this song was such a
big thing! I would like to tell how it happened to me. One day when I wanted to
search something on Google, I don’t know what happened but the words on my
keyboard felt like they were slipping away into each other. I was talking on
the phone too, and I happen to write “KOLA-“, just because of the
Google-THE-genius , how it guesses beforehand whatever we want to search , it
showed me an option of KOLAVERI –DI on the first. I clicked and I saw the
video. I was taken by surprise , the views of the video exceeded a crore
already . Next morning, I saw it making the headlines and the rest is history..
you know! I somehow too liked the song-u because-u of the word-u it used-u.! No
matter whatever sense it makes it indeed is fun to listen to it.
2012, might be the last year for us to live , but as of now
live happily ,give your best shot in everything you do .I have learnt to be
optimistic and I still hope that our country will soon get rid of the
corruption ,bad politics and blame game of the government. Till the keep humming,
because your heart wants to be happy, so keep it that way!
Happy new year – but remember after today it won’t be new,
it may not be happy but it will last a year!