Sunday, November 27, 2011


If ever you wanted to listen to collective howl of fun,outrage,cheers you shouldn”t have missed the eclipse event evenings at our college- NIFT,gandhinagar . The collective efforts of many people made this event A success..! Night stays at college, returning back to hostel at 6 in the morning and then again going to studios and sleeping..! For that matter our foundation studios were the sleeping grounds which served us best..!There was more to eclipse than we thought-fun ,nasty politics, responsibilities and of course if time permits then PRACTICES for our respective fields. Many events were worth remembering.”Imbue” dance practices were fun., frolic, and the highly indominiable spirit and energy levels of every1 made us dance..!never thought that a dance drama could be so much fun.! Just loved the way all we guys rocked the stage.! Similarly “bamboozles”,”nukkad natak”,talent show,fashion shows p.s.-the pappparazi show rocked big time.!i loved the way every one performed in these events.! congrats to my team of treasure hunt who is still searching for the treasure though :p..!no idea what is it actually..?! all in all it was lovely,and great feeling t0o be a part of eclipse.!though we have only played very small roles, but yes we tried our best, and turned out with elevated energy levels in the world where being mean,nasty and rude is the complement of highest order.!, and at last how can i FORGET the continous hooting and howling for” AURA” . earlier idk the exact idea behind shouting it but lately i got to know..and it was hilarious..!lol..! i wanted to tell all my friends through this that guys it is great to have people like you over here.!it would”nt have been possible if we all would not have been together,..!hope all of us stay together for the coming years and make every eclipse-bigger, better AND best..!

In my speculation, INDIA is extraordinary
and unique country blessed with diverse culture, tradition, lifestyle, language
interplaying with each other in harmony.
Recently on a face book application i
searched the meaning of the word “INDIA” .it laid out the rivers or women from
India. I realize that yes these two are the most precious assets of our
nation....rivers are the initiator , the provider of life to our homey....woman
as a mother ,sister ,wife is prime maker of a family. .....leaving this apart I still deduced the quote
`incredible India’ as funny title to a nation with plethora of problems like
unemployment, poverty, population, corruption etc... Persist. But when we saw
the ‘Gods own province’ by our own naked eyes it’s really an outlandish nation.
My recent two consecutive trips one to
kerala and another to Amritsar compelled me to observe that we are so much
linked to nature and geographic features of that particular place. I wonder
why, we are not much proud of fascinating nature of india. The sunrise in
kerala or in Amritsar gives the same zeal and zest for a new day....but this is
not the case with Indians .South Indians and north indians are very apart from
each other. I wonder how Britishers could rule such a variegate country for
more than 30 decades?? ....answer would be they used only this “heterogeneity”
as a shaky factor. I remember the partiality being done to Hindi knower and
malayam speakers in south india.....our mother tongue is of no use
there......illustrating my own experience and here is the description...
I lost my way to hotel in
was 10 in the night ...and the problem was that i even could not ask any
one.....but there was no way out (language barrier)....however ,some fishermen
did told me the way, but in their own code words(plz god send someone to decode
them)and nor they knew English!! ....surprisingly a man called me out from behind and said ‘aap aisa karein second lane mein first right turn lein’...i was
relieved not because of the access to my hotel was in my knowledge but
listening to the Hindi words...i interacted with him...he was a retired army
personnel n asked him ‘how could you speak Hindi so fluently being a
malayaly’.He instinctively replied....”HUM USS DESH KE VAASI HAI ,JIS DESH ME
GANGA BAHTI HAI”and laughed proudly...which left me dumbstruck and made me
That it’s upon us
guys that what ‘we the people’ take it up to.....!!!!

it is the beginning.

ENGINEERING THE FASHION WORLD.!I ws just passed out from 12th and the result was very satisfying..!my engineering entrance exams were wreaking havoc on me.!and they left so many questions unanswered??time passed and i got admission in an engineering college.!i dont know wether i was happy doing that or not but it wasn’t bad either..!because generally that is what u expect from a science student, that he/ she goes into engineering rather than doing!but somehow i was not happy with the way i was leading my life..I knew my interests and wanted to give myself another chance of proving myself.! I did realise that I should once again give NIFT entrance exam..!i never wanted to give engineering other chance, cuz i know even if i wd get a better college ,i would not be able to give it my best shot..! so i tried another year for my NIFT entrance.!and i got through.!the path wasn"t easy enough , it took tons of hardwork,and millions of prayers too..!but as of now i am in FASHION world.!I NOTICE THE STARK contrast betwen both the fields..!engineering was more of a practical field while fashion lets your mind run haywire and bring out new things. u dun:t have a set pattern to follow.ur mind is set free to think, create, and design.!hardwork is required in both the fields but the approach towards it is entirely different,.!i met different kinds of people: some are too generous., some are loving ,some are competitive,some are caring while on the other hand for some being nasty,rude and mean is the complement of highest order.!i met people from different backgrounds hailing from different places of india.!when i got into the institute i was terrified at seeing the talent of my batchmates an di gave a second thought to my decusion.!people over here are largely talented,versatile in their work process.!this kind of competitiion where you have to survive the bitchiness and mean ness of people.!i asked myself –will i be able to do it.>? i got a mixed response.!after staying there for a while, i was happy with my work and i stated getting recognition too for some of them..!. though it has been only half a year at dis place but ia m sure in the coming years i will have lots to learn and have to go through tough times too.! Whati can conclude from this is ;it might take you time to realise what you actually want to do..!but if you do then run for it and go for it .!because that is yhe place where you can give your best shot and aquire the excellence.!