Monday, May 20, 2013

Call me a - TEXTILE DESIGNER ! now

NIFT journey comes to end !!
yes, it has been a long, interesting, tiring,way too stressful at times, fun filled  years of being a student at NIFT. the very fist day when i stepped in , i was too terified  to look at some very talented people around me. of course, i was at a new place and it had some surprises. but today , when i look back. these four years have been worthwhile. I had encounters with some of the most amazingly creative, artsy, funny, hardworking, group of people. it has taught me very important lessons in life which i cease to forget. years went by but the memories stay for eternity. there had been times when i felt like leaving this place and moving into isolation, but then there were times when i die to come back and be a part of NIFT family altogether again !

I shall treasure memories , experiences and  learnings given to me by this place for lifetime .

19th may 2013- "Tantu" Graduating show (textile design)
20th may-2013- CONVOCATION day

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SOCIAL OUTCAST : not a thing of past !

On a chilly winter night,sitting on a cozy bed in a warm house, I consider myself lucky because I have a shelter to hide and keep me safe not only in the night but in every moment of my life. We might as well consider ourselves lucky sitting in warm houses and enjoying dinner but there is a huge lot of people who only dream of such lives.
Yes, lately via KBC(a popular gameshow in INDIA) I got to know about a community mu-sar , residing in a village which is hardly 15 kms from Patna, the capital city of Bihar. Oh! Yes,such is the irony that even after being in such close proximity from the capital city of the state, people reside there in unimaginable and dirtiest of the surroundings. Yes, this community which is also entitled as maha dalits  because there status lies in the lower section of the society. They are considered to be untouchables and are devoid of even the basic necessities of living. The people feed on mouses  (moos in hindi) in petty circumstances when they do not have grains to feed on. You will be called lucky if you get to eat a small bowl of boiled white rice during he day. They hunt mouses from the nearby farms and are forced to feed on them to continue living.
They are not given money for the labour  they do , instead zamindars over  there continue exploiting this community by still practicing the conventional methods of barter system. When a person works in a farm then he/she is given handful of grains to manage his living instead of paying him money.they can’t raise their voice, because they lack education. Lack of awareness and even basic human rights are a far cry for these people.
What in this  society has led  to a situation like this ? after all, who demarcates us a upper class and lower class, dalits or maha dalits, Brahmin or  a rajput. No body has granted us the right to outcast particular section of society just because of the fact that they are engaged in mean jobs. Their rights should be taken care of. Their education and living standards is a responsibility of government who  on other hand  is busy in filling their vote banks.
Such is the condition of Incredible India !!More than 5 lakhs of villages  are still there who haven’t seen the face of electricity let alone networking and technology. Where does it all end.!?? Isn’t it the responsibility of  the educated class of  India who earn handsomely.we cant always look upon government to do everything for us.we are well aware of the fact what government has been doin since the past 65 years..! if they would have been efficient enough such a situation would have never arised in modern india it is time , to lend a helping hand to such communities .opening schools and primary health centres are just words to start with. Need of the hour is active participation of  Indian youth in such matters. Our future belongs to them , and I am sure they do not want to see hungry and starved faces on the Indian soil. India is set to embark a global journey. Let us join hands and make our country stand above all !
Till I see you next time.!