Thursday, February 6, 2014

APING THE "aap" ! are brands learning from it ?

Aam admi party has provided a breathe of fresh air in the current scenario of politics.A movement which was marketed the way it will target its customers, loud campaigns reaching the far flung areas and not leaving a single stone unturned in giving voice to the people. The question is , this impeccable debut by Mr. AK has taught a lesson not only to the political fraternity but also to the MARKETING specialists who are brains behind the BRANDS!
Brands always look forward to reach to the customer and gain attention in every possible way. After all honesty, accountability and a sense of newness are the principles AAP stands for and they also happen to be the virtues consumers seek in brands.Ad campaigns like - "JAAGO RE" by Tata tea , and "OPEN HAPPINESS" by Coca cola have tried to put forward their proposition in a much perfect manner , so as to spread the awakening message to society I feel to some extent the very presence of aam admi party has led to this reforms in advertising area.Customers now seek answers from advertising firms " what role does brands play in society" . till now these questions hovered around their livess but now it has reached to a different level altogether. a level that seeks transparency, honesty and accountability in whatever these brands boast of.They will not only have to now "Do the walking" but also " walk the talk". AAP always has some backup data to support their claims, similarily brands will also need to hold responsibilty  if they are proclaiming a hyperbolic thing in their promotions. being realisitc is the need of the hour !
"the purpose of doing business is business".If today brands take up the concerns of social issues then it might lead to their own fallout. Since in a competitive environment your are required to outshine others in every possible way, it might seem difficult if a brand becomes to honest in its predispostion. building customer loyalty and brand evangelists is every man's dream and as far as social issues are concern then CSR will take care of that.
"Amul" is owned by an aam admi and is consumed by many consumers. in last 60 years it did not felt the need to spread a social message but were equally responsible in handling their products and catering to those masses.Political changes cannot bring down any significant effect. Instead of weaving stories around causes , it will be profitable and better for brands to convey their message in the righteous, targetted and concise manner.
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